Red Rock Property Management will:

Inspect the property and site in detail at least once a month to ensure all buildings and grounds are in good order and all services are working

Red Rock Property Management will:

Recruit, supervise and manage contractors and staff - prepare specifications, get quotations and appoint the right people.

Red Rock Property Management will:

Make time to deal with any unexpected work and contracts, negotiate, renew and manage specialist maintenance contracts.

Red Rock Property Management will:

Manage your insurance - arrange and renew the right level of cover and handle claims. Attend the AGM & other management meetings, as well as plan the cost of future repairs and renewal, all for a low transparent fee.

Red Rock Property Management will:

Deal with individual residents' questions and make it our priority to ensure all calls and e-mails are dealt with on the same day.

Red Rock Estate & Property Management
"Treating your home like our own"

What could possibly be that radical about a property management company that regularly (monthly at least) visits the sites it's paid to manage? Obsesses over chasing you when resolving all of your property related issues? Or a management company which flatly refuses to accept financial inducements "kick backs" for awarding work to specific contractors and is determined to pass on these savings to you, the client? Well, sadly within our industry many developers, resident directors and leaseholders will testify that this is indeed radical. We've heard the same plea from these folk time and time again - "simply look after the appearance, cleanliness and maintenance of each property and do it for a fair and reasonable charge, that's all I'm after".

So that's exactly why a number of professionals decided to form Red Rock Property Management and that's exactly what we're doing - focusing all our effort and expertise on managing residential and commercial property throughout London and the South East, which of course is delivered at a market leading price!

We've learned exactly what works, and we'll tailor our management plan to the needs of your development. Our estate management services are contracted by a variety of clients, including private leaseholders and investors. With a dedicated manager, and specialist accountancy team, you’ll get support across the board for:

  • General site maintenance and management
  • Day to day finances and year end accounting
  • Managing a limited company
  • Health and safety, insurance and rent negotiation for mixed use sites

    We know that each estate is different. From handing over blocks to new residents, to taking on existing portfolios, we want to make estate management as straightforward as possible. So we’ll work with you to decide exactly which services you need, and develop a tailored management plan to match your portfolio.

    We really are intent on changing the face of property management throughout London and the South East, so contact us now and see just how radical we are.
  • Commercial

    We are committed to delivering the very highest standard of property management and look forward to providing you with an exceptional service. We even manage commercial properties...


    We believe that successful estate management depends on sound, transparent and timely financial management. Find out what our dedicated client accounting team can do for you

    Red Rock PBS

    Spearheaded by their management & lettings company, Stones Residential, they joined forces with Red Rock - a London based company with an impressive track-record in this specialist field.


    Don't just take our word for it! Hear from our clients about their experience with Red Rock Property Management so far...
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