Sales and Legal

If you are selling your property please see our fees below

If you are selling a leasehold property, LEP1 (leasehold property enquiries pack) will be requested by the buyers solicitor.

For queries please e-mail:

(All Fees are payable in advance)

LPE1 & Sales Pack £350 plus VAT
Fast Track fee for Sales Pack £50 plus VAT

Company Secretarial Service:
Receiving the Stock Transfer and issue new Share £180 plus VAT
Dealing with replacement of lost Share Certificate £100 plus VAT
Application for Membership £100 plus VAT

Legal Services:
Notice of Transfer/Assignment £160 plus VAT
Notice of Charge only £160 plus VAT
Notice of Transfer & Charge £200 plus VAT
Deed of Covenant- to supply you with the
Approved form for the development £375 plus VAT
To approve your form £300 plus VAT
Granting of Licence to Alteration £450 plus VAT fixed fee
Granting of Licence to Sublet £25 plus VAT or as stipulated in the Lease
Lease Extension costs £500 plus VAT per flat
Licence to Assign £500 plus VAT
Deed of Variation £560 plus VAT
Certificate of Compliance £225 plus VAT
Certificate of Consent £225 plus VAT
Preparation & Filing of a s.146 Notice £550 plus VAT
To deal with ad-hoc requests minimum of £65 plus VAT
To provide copy documents £50 plus VAT per document