Stephen Murphy
“Red Rock took over the management of one of our existing developments – Fentiman Way (a 30 apartment development), over a year ago. Prior to this, the residents and ultimately the Resident Directors became so “thoroughly fed up” with the poor service and the even poorer state of the finances, they dismissed the incumbent Managing Agent and appointed Red Rock. Since Red Rock took over there has been a marked change in the outward appearance of Fentiman Way, especially the gardens, which are now being maintained to a very high standard. Unsurprisingly we have received specific praise for the Red Rock team from “delighted” residents, due to the maintenance programme which has been implemented and the general attitude and willingness of the Red Rock Management team to provide a thorough and proactive service. Based on Red Rock’s performance to date and our own dealings with them, we would be happy to recommend their ‘Block Management’ services to our Clients and Professional Associates."

Robert Stone
“Red Rock is active throughout the general locality and is managing a number of sites in the Harrow, Stanmore area. We have to date, received specific feedback regarding Red Rock from a variety of individuals, all of whom have been “very satisfied” and “very impressed by the level of professionalism and the standard of management displayed by their team”. It would appear that Red Rock have been able to ‘carve out’ something of a niche, charging a fixed fee for the management of each site whilst also delivering a responsive and thorough service to their clients. This view is also supported by several ‘key’ developers, who we are aware have instructed Red Rock to manage their new build Apartments Blocks. Based on Red Rock’s performance to date and our own dealings with them, we would be happy to recommend their ‘Block Management’ services to our Clients and Professional Associates.“

Nikesh Shah
Director, Fentiman Way (Harrow)
“Red Rock are now into their second year of managing our site and since their appointment have transformed the appearance and the finances of ‘Fentiman Way’.Historically our site had been managed by a company appointed by the developer, but we were continually plagued by poor service, very high fees and the gardens and open spaces were unkempt. It would be something of an understatement to say that the residents were angry and fed up. Indeed the situation became so bad that some residents ceased paying their monthly service charges – In protest! From the moment we started dealing with the Senior Management Team at Red Rock, it was very apparent they were refreshingly different; professional, diligent and really driven to provide an excellent service. They got ‘under the skin’ of our site; meeting with contractors and auditing the finances. The result of which is a site barely recognisable from when they first took it over. We would recommend Red Rock without hesitation and from my point of view, I now spend a fraction of the time I once did overseeing the running of site. As everything is handled by Red Rock – As it should be!“

Jon Harris
Director, JDS Residential
“We have had numerous professional dealings with the Senior Management Team at ‘Red Rock’ and what really stands out, time and time again, is the conscientious and proactive approach they adopt towards all matters. Indeed, it would now be difficult to define the local Property Management landscape without the inclusion of the ‘Red Rock’ name especially if one were looking for a Company which genuinely offered low transparent fees and excellent service. That is why we would recommend them, but especially those whose existing Management Company was either expensive or of poor quality!“

Director, Block in Camberwell
"I can't express clearly enough just how dramatically different [Red Rock] is from our previous property management firm, who would typically take 2-3 weeks to respond to an e-mail even if the building was on fire..."

Director, Block in North London
I'd like to reiterate the thanks to you for your fantastic work! You have been a great help whom we'd all highly recommend to others. Thank you!

Leaseholder, Block in North London
[Red Rock] are unbelievable!! I have never had the service you have given me this afternoon from any professional firm that I have ever dealt with. I had to write to thank you again.

Director, Block in South London
From the report and pictures I can see proper and professional work. I always had a dream of seeing responsible people look after [our development] with principal and dignity. I am very pleased with the progress. Thanks x1000